Saylem's Journal

- A New Party Emerges (Session 1)

Seylam’s First Letter

Ma ma,
I know I haven’t written in some time, and I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve worried, but I promise I’m safe. Relatively.
I’ve taken up with some adventurers…I won’t divulge their names, because that would make it too easy to trace me, but they seem to know what they’re doing. At least…the roguish one does, and I think the others seem mostly content with following her lead. She’s charismatic in her way…I watched her turn an entire arenas’s worth of spectators to her side with nothing but a smile. I’m glad she is – at least for now – not an enemy.
As to the rest, they are a…many and varied group. If I say that one is green, and another chitinous, will you understand why I must be vague? 
For various reasons, I am traveling under an assumed name…when you write, please, address me as Silas Secundus.
I promise, as soon as I can, I’ll come to see you, and explain everything…

Much love,

- Reclaiming the Temple (Session 2)


Do you remember, when we first got to the refugee camp, there were those men that would force everyone to give them money, until the town guard finally found out, and put a stop to it? You could call them bandits, but that doesn’t seem to cover what they did….

I think I killed one of them today. I recognized him – a short little human bandit missing most of his teeth. He squealed. He and his allies appeared to be sacking an old temple…we stopped them. We’re now in the lower level of the temple. We failed to avoid some arcane traps and managed to collapse a room…I’m sure we’ll answer to the gods for that one.

The others are stirring…they’ll wake soon. Other than the bug, who’s been staring at me since I woke a little while ago. I’ll write more when I can.

- The Chambers Below (Session 3)


I apologize for the abrupt end to my last letter. The others were waking, and I would prefer that they not gain too much insight into my private life.

After resting, we continued through the old temple at Ereti’s Bluff.

The Captain and the Tick spent more time than I was willing to waste examining the stairs down to the lower area, and I grew impatient. The Captain seemed satisfied, but the Tick was unwilling to move, so I gently nudged it forward. I will admit – I was surprised when he stumbled over a trip wire and burst into flames.


Underground, we found a sealed room with the word “DeD” written on the door. We – being either Brave or Foolhardy – entered the room and were attacked by a small horde of the undead.

A curious thing happened down there – I fell unconscious after being struck by a shambling horror. As my vision faded, I felt a strange, warm embrace. I felt as if I was being buffeted about by winds from all directions. I saw, as if from a distance, a bright, shining light. But as it’s warmth enveloped me, it flashed a bright red. I felt a pain ripping through my body, and was pulled back to the realm of the living. I awoke to see the battle still raging….I plan to investigate further the Raven Queen, when I return to a city with any sort of library.

Deeper in the dungeon, a small horde of orcs and a pair of goblins were doing something in a large, altar-like room. They were led by a tiefling, and a large black dragon. When we engaged in combat, the dragon broke through a wall on the far side of the room, and retrieved a chalice (apparently – we only heard him mention it) before retreating through a portal inside the chamber. The tiefling, when he saw that we were overwhelming him, retreated through.

I can only imagine that what happened here today set the board for future events, with myself and my allies as one side’s pieces, and the dragon and his ilk our opponents. For now, though, I am resting, and spending some of my hard-won gold on things that will help me feel more at home, when I rest.

I’ve attached as much gold as I can spare, to help you and the others at the camp. I hope things are going well.


- Rebuilding the Town (Session 4)


Sorry I haven’t written much of late…there hasn’t been much going on. I’ve been working with the city I’m in – I’ve spent some time helping rebuild after the city was sacked some time ago. I fear, though, that my inclination toward mental, rather than physical, labor has made me more hindrance than benefit.

I’ve spent time in the study of the woman who is the effective leader of this town, making use of her library, researching various things we’ve found – the chalice in the temple, a strange stone hidden in a statue in the town…many things are going on here, and I fear I’m as blind as a mole, as even the texts here lead to nothing but further riddles and shadows. I fear that my next step must be Genthe.

I hope you received the package I sent.


Session 6

I don’t even know what’s going on at this point. I think we’re tracking some bullywugs, and I most definitely shot some of them quite recently, but these damned headaches and pains are clouding my insight, and I’m no longer fully able to concentrate on goings-on.

As the town we’re spending most of our time in is experiencing significant construction, I’m considering setting out a block of land just for myself and (until they are of no use) my cohorts. I’m certain I could secure the land, though I strongly doubt I have the resources to actually construct such a thing.

Regardless, I’ve been sketching out some ideas, to keep myself distracted.

Sun is rising. More later.


Saylem's Journal

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